Livejournal's new S2 styles had the perfect one. KITTENS and FLOWERS. OMG cute. More importantly, it also has a section for links. Does anyone have any recommendations for things they'd like to go over there? Also, I've been adding user tips to the memories section of the community. So er, puddingcat's creative uses for... yeah, can be found by clicking the heart in the user info.

Edit: Hmmm. It doesn't seem to be working. I'll add it to the links section.
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Tips and tricks

Hey ladies.

This isn't as good as puddingcat's tip.... but I thought I'd share some bimbo tools:

For weight loss, food tracking:
Fit Day! Database of food is very US centric, but you can add custom foods. Gives you a basic calculator for your height and weight of calories you burn each day. Good nutrition reports.
Spark People Even if you don't do their diet plan, some great low cal recipes.
Vegweb Vegetarian recipes, mostly cheap to make. Mostly vegan versions.

Cheap Cosmetics:
Buy Cosmetics Seriously. And the Versace make-up is really, really worth it. I have yet to have any problems with them.

Product ratings:
Ciao some... reviews. Some of them more helpful than others.

What I'm using:
1. Tresemme Vitamin E works very, very well on my hair. Mr. Me saves the German salon stuff for himself.
2. Clinique three little soaps, yellow moisturizer and #2 toner
3. Johnson's Summer Skin for fair (face and body.)
4. Sunsilk's repair
5. L'Oreal straightening cream

What I want to use:
1. J'adore body oil. Oh yes. Or Urban Decay's brushes.
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The Bimbo Project....

What the hell is the Bimbo Project and why do you have a community?

One day vulgarcriminal was watching Big Brother 7 and noticed that the young ladies on the program were all a bit special in a Page 3/Nuts loving kind of a way. She wondered then what it would be like to be..... them, as opposed to the pale geek she is normally. She started using fake tan, bleached her teeth and considered juice diets as a viable alternative to eating. Gradually others came around to the idea, with a mixture of fascination and pure horror. These other ladies are also of origins not usually associated with the bimbo.

And now we're helping each other.

Want to join us?

My Bimbo Goals

My current bimbo goals are as follows:

- to go to the gym at least three times a week.
- to use tanning moisturiser regularly, in order achieve an all over tan.
- to find a bright red lipstick that suits me.
- to learn to walk in heels.
- to become skilled in french plaiting my own hair.
- to wear the countless skirts I own on a regular basis.
- to paint my toenails.

Not certain who my bimbo role model is at the moment. Will google and try to find a suitable one (unless you have any suggestions?).

Liz xxx
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hee hee

(no subject)

I wish to be both smart and lazy about looking good, I seek to be both healthy skinned, and slithtly golden looking, I want to have beautiful coloured nails (I even quite like the look of french manicures, when done right). I would like to be a pre-thin Sophie Dahl type bimbo puhlease, but most of all, and to start off, I would like to have a slightly less hairy upper lip. Will work on it.

My hair is currently BRIGHT blue. There will be pics, oh yes.
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