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Jul. 19th, 2006 | 04:41 pm
location: plucky girl reporter central
mood: entertained
music: Belly- Super-connected
posted by: nannyo in bimboproject

Bimspiration and review for the day (or something).

Sometime ago, I posted on my lj about wanting to de-hair my upper lip, in fact, to be precise, I really only want to remove the dark hairs on my upper lip, the blond ones can stay, but I'm not sure that hair removal is that precise. So, on with the story.

  1. I purchased some Nair home wax strips, available at any Superdrug, Boots or other chemists.
  2. I went and acquired a nurse_liz, an indispensable aid for adventures in girlyness.
  3. Together we read the directions on the strips. These were not complicated: Apply to the hair, smoothing in direction of hair growth using your hand to warm the wax.
  4. We followed directions:
  5. Liz seemed to find this entertaining , she isn't wrong, we feel silly
  6. I rip the sticky paper from my lip ...oooch
  7. It does not remove all of the hair
    • It does hurt
    • It leaves sticky residue
  8. the directions then demand we use the oily rag, sorry, the aftercare wipe, to remove sticky residue, only after using the non sticky side of the paper to rip as much residue+ hair off your face as possible
  9. the oily rag smells nice, but is greasier than needed, and we are sore now
  10. there is not MUCH noticeable depilation; I am optimistic, Liz says it hasn't worked at all
  11. the days following we both break out in spots in places we don't normally get them, where we ripped out hair
  12. I acknowledge that Liz, as usual, is right

In summary, BLAH. Would not use this again. It didn't do what it said it should, and it seems to have made my upper lip darker, whether that's cos of spots, or because of my summer holiday I don't know. Still, I say NO to Nair Home Waxing Strips, and would advise against use.

Still, I love my blue hair!

This is your depilation correspondent signing out.

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From: nurse_liz
Date: Jul. 19th, 2006 04:21 pm (UTC)

"I acknowledge that Liz, as usual, is right"

Hell yeah!


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From: purpleheather
Date: Jul. 19th, 2006 04:23 pm (UTC)

Your blue hair is wonderful. And bah to hair removal in general ;D I tried the veet hair removal mousse stuff once - it made my legs smell of wee :(

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