laura (professoryaffle) wrote in bimboproject,

beauty products advice

After a bit of advice on some beauty products

firstly hair products

I am going to an evening do of a wedding in a couple of weeks. I currently have a very short layered bob, at its longest it is about hair line length and there are some layers which sit at the top of my ears. The styling advice I have seen suggest blow drying with voluminsing moose and then using wax to style it. Any tips on said styling and which moose and wax to buy

Secondly I am about to come to the end of my current facial moisturiser. It was loreal pure zone moisturiser and I was happy with it. Not too expense, light and didn't cause me to break out whenever I used it but I guess given I am about to buy some more I would ask what other people used and if they had any great recommendations for a good moisturiser for combination skin
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