That's Not My Cat. (puddingcat) wrote in bimboproject,
That's Not My Cat.

Thinking about bimbos and stuff

Ok, so this "are we being suckered into media expectations?" discussion got me thinking.

I don't want to *be* a bimbo. I don't want to stop thinking, or to start relying on my apeparance more than my brains to get things. I don't want to spend longer on my outward appearance than on my health or hobbies. I'm just going to pick & choose a few bits of bimbo behaviour to try out for a while. If I enjoy them or find that they make enough of a difference to be worth the inconvenience, great. Otherwise, I'll stop again & go back to being a slightly scruffy, nerdy, Bettie Page wannabe.

In my opinion:

Bimbos have fake tans. Nope; I like the slightly blue look. I'd like a more even skin tone, so I'll be trying the shave, exfoliate & moisturise thing, but not changing colour.

Bimbos are blonde. *If* I go blonde, it'll be Fuck You peroxide, not Fuck Me highlights.

Bimbos wear ra-ra skirts and cheap leather belts. Nope. Well, I could buy one, but I'd never wear it. It's not a good look foranyone past puberty.

Bimbos wear pink tracksuits. Nope. Pink? Not a chance. Not unless it's radioactive glow in the dark GBH to your retinas pink, anyway.

Bimbos follow fashion. Nope. Fashion doesn't usually suit size 12-14, curvy, 30-somethings. I'm lucky that the 50s look is in atm, but I'll never wear something just becasue it's trendy.

Bimbos flirt to get stuff. I'd love to be able to do this, but my self-reliance and self respect won't let me try.

Bimbos are always on a diet. Well, I'd always *like* to be thinner, but I like food too much. Going to the gym is giving me arm muscles andgetting me fit, and that's enough for now.

Bimbos have beauty treatments. Most of those sound to me like paying someone else vast amounts for them to wash my face for me. I don't see the point of getting a pedicure, when I can do it myself (yay for bendiness!) and until I stop chewing my fingers, a manicure would be a waste. Actually - that's something I'll try. I'll try to stop chewing my extremities. Yes.

Bimbos are always blow-dried. It would be nice. But it's not going to happen, even if I found a haridresser to keep under my stairs. Besides, I walk too quickly to keep a style tidy for long.

Bimbos always wear heavy makeup. I'm Just. Too. Lazy.

Since that leaves me just trying to stop biting my nails and doing the skin thing on my legs, I'm curious what elsethere is. I just don't like the *look* that most bimbo behaviours gives, but I'd like to try the dedication to grooming that they have - even if I head off in a different direction with it.
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