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Musings About Make-Up

I have been pondering (god knows why) about make-up.  It struck me that the majority of women in my wider circle, such as colleagues/relatives/ etc wear make-up on a daily or almost-daily basis.  Most of my immediate circle of friends, however, don't. Or don't appear to.
I don't wear it often... I have a lot, and in many mad colours, but it gets used for nights out, or occasions, or days when i miss a bus and have an extra twenty minutes to fill before I leave the house.
I've never worn it regularly... and whilst I may have feminist rants occasionally it's not something I'm political about, it's just that it feels too much of an effort to do everyday, especially since its not routine.

Part of this is I know, tied up in the fact that I'm in a stage where I think 'yuk' every time i look in the mirror: I'm run-down tired and stressed and it shows, but this just makes me want to makeup even less, because then I feel like I look like a run-down tired and stressed clown instead.  (hmmm just realised that my last post here was a whinge about having winter skin.... it clearly wasn't winter skin, just unhealthy skin, and it hasn't changed much )

I don't  want to be like the scary orange and brown Clinique ladies, but i'd like to look, well, a bit tidier, a bit less pale blotchy and dark-circly 
Without it taking much effort.
Or time.

I need a magic potion don't I?

Anyway, back to my point (yes, there is one honest)
Do you wear makeup daily/often?
If you're one of the none-make up people, do you have big reasons, or are you like me, and never got into the habit and it feels like a chore if its an everyday thing?

Any recommendations for me?

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Manicures; the darkest of the Black Arts...

So, I had my first ever manicure yesterday. My God, that might be the best 13 quid I've ever spent.

I've been trying to grow my nails for a while; I don't bite them, they're just incredibly weak and peely. Anyway, 9 of them were a relatively reasonable of them had broken only a few days ago and was looking horrid, but I thought the likelihood of getting them ALL looking okay was pretty impossible, so I went anyway.

I settled on a French manicure, but not the tippex-white kind, a more natural one that just makes your nails look like they're healthy and lovely.

The woman who did them, whilst not being the best filer in the world was incredible at the tip-painting bit; she even managed to make the broken, short nail look much, much longer. I am certain that she called upon Lucifer and his little slaves, but, well, my nails look good, so I don't care.

It was lovely and my nails have about three coats of stuff on, so are quite protected too.

So, my tip is that a decent French manicure can almost totally camouflage a skacky, busted-up nail. And, at under 20 mins, was really worth it. you might all know this already, but I've never been very good with my nails, so the world of manicures is a secret, veiled one.
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Bimspiration and review for the day (or something).

Sometime ago, I posted on my lj about wanting to de-hair my upper lip, in fact, to be precise, I really only want to remove the dark hairs on my upper lip, the blond ones can stay, but I'm not sure that hair removal is that precise. So, Collapse )

This is your depilation correspondent signing out.

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How to be more photogenic

Via Lifehacker

Some of us don't really need help with this. But some of us do (ME.)

Do you hate having your picture taken because you always seem to come out looking hideous? Have you ever been on a date with someone whose online photo knocked you out but whose appearance in real life turned out to be a bit uninspiring? What’s the deal with pictures? While being photogenic just comes naturally to some people, there are a few things that anyone can do to look better in photos. Try out the tricks in this article and stop running for cover whenever the camera comes out.

Wiki How: Be photogenic