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Faking It...

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Jul. 27th, 2006 | 05:37 pm
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posted by: claire_smith in bimboproject

Hello bimbos! It's all gone very quiet around here, so I thought I would share a useful book with you!

It's called Faking It, by Sarah Barclay, and it's available on Amazon from a penny! (Yes, one whole pee.) I got my copy free with a magazine a couple of summers ago, and it's absolutely brilliant.

I think the introduction sums up what we're trying to do here - turn ourselves into glamorous beauties with the minimum of effort! ;)

I particularly like these two tips for how to look thin on the beach:

  • Pick a spot where the sand is dry and uneven, and hollow out two leg-sized areas. Position your towel or sarong over the furrows, place a leg in each one, and admire the fact that gravity prevents your thighs from spreading horizontally.

  • Never sit up straight. Always lie with your legs stretched out, with one knee bent for a relaxed, casual air, and your weight supported by your elbows. This lets you make eye contact with people, sip drinks and stare mysteriously out to sea without your stomach looking like the folds of a ruched blind.

The book also has tips on how to prevent spots, what products can be used for more than one purpose, what you can steal from your new boyfriend's bathroom if you find yourself there unexpectedly in the morning, how to look less puffy and crap when you have a hangover... all sorts of things.

Well worth a whole penny from Amazon, I reckon!

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