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Bimbo update.

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Jul. 10th, 2006 | 12:31 pm
mood: amused amused
posted by: vulgarcriminal in bimboproject

I've tried Johnson's Holiday Skin and Garnier's spray stuff separately and haven't been overly impressed with some of the results. Instead of legs like a tanned beach bunny, I ended up with bizarre orange continents floating over patches of slightly less than pale all over my right shin. This is despite my arms and thighs coming out without a single topographic mark.

Instead of tossing it all (MONEY) and starting over with the uber expensive Clarins as recommended by the Women at Mr. Me's Salon, I've been combo-ing for the last few days. I'm now using the spray stuff and then the lotion on top after the first layer has dried. Logic being that since this shit is all clear,* it makes it difficult to see where you've missed and possibly it's just that I've been missing the surrounding areas. It seems to be working and thus far I'm happy with the legs and arms. I have yet to look like a member of citrus and I don't think I have anything that looks as good as Gorbie's birthmark on my lower leg.

The major downside (?) is when I'm putting all of it on, I smell like a bakery. As spindr observed, the JHS smells like biscuits and the Garnier stuff smells of apricot.** It was so bad that Mr. Me was threatening to chew my leg, regardless of the risk of having a slightly tanned tongue.

*WHY? It would be so much easier if it wasn't. At least for a few minutes whilst it soaks in.
** I now have an idea for cookies.

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From: spindr
Date: Jul. 10th, 2006 01:14 pm (UTC)

I use Boots No7 Quick Dry Tinted Lotion on my face. It's a tinted fake tan so it's harder to mess up. For some reason I haven't really tried it on my body.

Last year, when I wasn't impoverished, I used Fake Bake. It is teh brilliance. If you can get hold of some, I'd really recommend it (not on face though). It looks terrifying when you first put it on...you look like you've rolled in cocoa but you put it on before bed, then shower in the morning, and the guide colour comes off leaving you with brilliant, even colour. I *love* it.

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From: crumplelush
Date: Jul. 10th, 2006 07:37 pm (UTC)

Strange, my mum and sister rave about JHS. I'm going to give it a go and see... *fingers crossed*

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